Women in Architecture: A Look Back

2018 March 29 1 COMMENT

Our intern Carolyne Ottawa writes about how we might close the advancement gap between men and women in architecture.

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The Corner in Contemporary Practice

2017 March 27 1 COMMENT

We examine how different corner conditions are integrated into the design.

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The New Dimension

2016 July 29 LEAVE A COMMENT

In the current architectural practice, model translation from conception to building via means of two dimensional architectural drawing techniques is dying, if not dead.

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Water (un)Consciousness

2016 January 7 LEAVE A COMMENT

Drought is present in the US year‐round. Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US, is only 38% full.

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The Hidden Structure of Architecture

2015 November 2 1 COMMENT

As architects, do we understand how pervasive codes are in shaping the buildings we create?

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Brutal Legacy: What to do with the Aging Concrete Buildings in Boston?

2015 September 2 LEAVE A COMMENT

From the late nineteen fifties through the mid-nineteen seventies, Boston embraced concrete architecture in a mission to expand and transform the city.

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Power Shift

2015 June 24 LEAVE A COMMENT

Due to our ever-increasing use of technology, our reliance on electricity is stronger than ever.

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A Healthy Transparency

2014 February 3 LEAVE A COMMENT

How does the selection of construction materials contribute to the well-being of building occupants?

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Copycat Architecture

2013 November 15 LEAVE A COMMENT

Isn’t architecture more than just a single photographic angle?

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Livable Cities

2013 September 4 LEAVE A COMMENT

In a lively Architecture Forum discussion, I tackled the question of why we choose where we live.

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The Connection Economy

2013 June 12 LEAVE A COMMENT

The connection economy rewards value created by building relationships and fostering connections, rather than assets and “stuff,” like the industrial economy.

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Concept and Composition

2012 December 21 LEAVE A COMMENT

Can a building be profound without honoring both concept and composition?

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Payette Architecture Forum

2012 September 28 LEAVE A COMMENT

Architecture Forums in the past year have ranged from Branding & Identity within the practice of architecture to Andrea Love’s recent discussion about what makes a building sustainable.

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Discussing Sustainable Buildings

2012 September 27 LEAVE A COMMENT

What do green, sustainable, energy-efficient, carbon neutral, net-zero actually even mean?

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On Diagramming: Process vs. Product

I recently led a forum exploring diagramming as it relates to the process of architecture.

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Innovation! What is it? And what does it mean to Architects?

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Landscape + Architecture = ???

2012 April 13 LEAVE A COMMENT

What does ‘landscape’ mean to you? What is your vision of a ‘natural landscape’?

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Architecture: Branding and Identity

2012 March 19 3 COMMENTS

Branding and brand awareness have become inescapable parts of our daily visual lives. What is our responsibility as architects, in reinforcing a client’s brand?

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Contrast as a Contextual Strategy

2012 February 9 LEAVE A COMMENT

The most promising strategy to relate a programmatically significant building to its context is to create a meaningful dialog between the two distinct entities.

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Are Architects Out of Touch?

2011 December 19 LEAVE A COMMENT

There is a common accusation that architects are out of touch with what the general public values in design. This topic was discussed at our most recent Architecture Forum.

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