The New Dimension


This is a very interesting subject. Having to deal a lot with the intersection of Architectural design and Environmental Assessment I wonder what everyone thinks about the current status of their relationship.

I feel that currently there exist very few potential pipelines that might reconcile the gap between the two and offer some sort of immediate or rapid Energy, Thermal Comfort, Daylight, and Internal/External flow assessment of Architectural designs.

The main reason for this difficulty seems to be the difference between the standard practices of 2D and 3D architectural design (use of volumes instead of surfaces, use of multiple components representing what could be ‘single surfaces’, the predominant use of open volumes, etc.) and that of Environmental Assessment which requires mostly flat surface and more importantly clean and closed volumes.

I am aware that BIM are trying to reconcile this but their E.A. side is still not well developed, at least to my knowledge. I feel the tools that are the first to integrate these too sides will change how we think, design and construct. But these tools won’t spawn on their own, the disciplines need to come together and understand how they can co-design.

Here’s to hoping this is soon!


Theodore Galanos, August 3, 2016