Thermal Bridging Research: Window Transitions


Should I purchase windows that reduce thermal activity near them? Also, does this thermal activity interfere with my ability to cool my house in the summer months? I’m building a house, and I’m trying to see what windows I should purchase for them.

Alex Jennings, May 1, 2015

I’m studying architecture in school right now, and the construction process really interests me. I have been reading about continuous insulation and the applications are fascinating. The pictures showing the heat in color were really helpful at helping me understand how it works.

Callie Marie, June 26, 2015

You’re right Callie Marie, continuous insulation is very interesting, I’ve been researching it lately. I agree that the pictures help me get a better idea of how heat is dispersed. So excited to have found out more about this kind of technology.

Gus Chiggins, June 30, 2015

Found this by chance and love the detailed series on thermal bridging! Great research and infrared imagery to back things up.

Brian Cornwell, June 14, 2023