Less is more or was it a bore?


With regard to the Clarke Art Institute the gestalt is certainly a tedious bore. The emphasis on the architecture over the art the supposedly forms the content screams out. Let’s put it this way, the paintings in the oh so safe “Make it New” from the National is a typical Noah’s ark, but with one example of everything, guaranteeing it will not reproduce. Worse, the painting is stuck in the basement of the place with awful color killing lighting. The magic an light with water reflections playing on the ceiling of the reception floor is reserved for admissions, the gift shop, and boring bronzes from the Shanghai Museum. The architecture is a pretentious conceit of brutal cast concrete slabs that preciously have a detail consisting of two small shallow circles as a motif running distractingly throughout. Truly, it makes me look forward to the spiders eventually discovering these tempting nesting indents.

Robert Mark, August 15, 2014