Allsteel & Union Office’s ‘Fall in Love’ Contest: Grand Prize Winner


This was an amazing design! Allsteel’s Gather team in Muscatine loved it!

Can we link this to our FB page?

Allen Hull, February 15, 2013

Hi Allen, of course! Please feel free to share it on any platform of social media. Our team had a blast entering the contest, and we can’t wait to have the Gather line in our office!

Kristyn Hill, February 15, 2013

Well done Payette! Very interesting use of space with the Gather furniture. I especially like how the tall back of the chairs is used also as a divider and a bar counter. That’s brilliant! That must make a wonderful and relaxed gathering or meeting area. I think office furniture is something offices must start seriously looking into. People are working much longer hours in the office and workers have loads of interaction with their furniture. It’s most important that each chair can be adjusted to allow good posture and maximum comfort when working. This applies also to the work desks. Far too often, there is simply not enough leg room under the desk, so much so that the worker feels trapped and very uncomfortable. This affects productivity very much.

Shawn, March 4, 2013