Architecture: Branding and Identity


Hi Susan,
Well done and congratulations in pushing the conversation forward. I can answer all 3 of your questions with one answer: Architects need to think of a building as a product in the marketplace.
This demands a fundamental understanding of the clients business model and strategic positioning (I’m talking about commercial/institutional projects), something that is not traditionally seen as part of an architects services.
Since brands are what “others” think about you, what greater opportunity to craft a brand than a building?

Paolo B, November 17, 2015

Hi Susan,
I put in a call to you this AM because I’d found this blog post online and was very interested in knowing more of your thought, and perhaps any Payette or other examples you could provide where branding and identity were key in the development process. I am a guest lecturer in this topic for architecture schools and am always eager to learn about others who have a belief in this thinking.

Mick Victor, May 25, 2018

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anbeshiv, July 13, 2018