Where Revit meets Hand Drawing


I like the technique and craft associated with this drawing. It demonstrates, hierarchy, focus, and intent very clearly.

Kevin Sullivan, January 22, 2015

Beautiful. I especially appreciate the bunny suit person (having spent many hours in a bunny suit and feeling we never get our time in the sun…literally or figuratively).

Gina Mosca, January 22, 2015

In my work with specifications, the topic might be “where Microsoft Word meets hand drawing”, but I come to similar conclusions. The electronic software is wonderful for manipulating construction information but there are many moments when I meet with project team members and there is nothing like a hand sketch to explain what I mean by edge condition, or to go over a sequence of layers or other configuration.

Greta Eckhardt, January 22, 2015

Drawings are very important and the first step that we take before starting any projects. You explained it very smartly and the information provided by you is useful other businesses concern as well. Nice sharing.

Hamza Asif, January 23, 2015

Nice work!
Hand drawing is great fun.
May I suggest you check out workflows with Autodesk Impression 4. Its free with subscription and you will find how digital editing can come very close to hand drawing at a fraction of the time at the expense of half the fun though. 🙁

Roberto Gonzalez Astobiza, January 27, 2015

Thanks for sharing Really Amazing Post!

Alex Jerry, January 2, 2021