Revit vs SketchUp


Interesting article… Up until recently I was a bit reluctant about REVIT. I’m a bit against programs that try to “help too much” into your design… However, for what you seem to express and from a couple of images I’m seeing in your showcase, Sketchup is much better and less resource consuming for fast conceptual ideas. It’s highly likely that both programs have different set of strengths but, would you say that Sketchup is much better if what you seek is conveying an idea rather than documenting? Does it gives many problems when projects are too big and languages are exchanging too much information? Thanks a lot for your insight. Regards.

Carlos, October 1, 2015

I like the article but the font leaves much to be desired.

Please ‘change it’.

Sebastian Montgomeery Wilderbeast, November 25, 2015

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford multi-numbers of software. Yes I agree with your premise, but reality can prevent it’s utilization.

Richard I Moellering, May 14, 2016