Sustainable Design: Assessing Thermal Bridges


Dear Andrea,
We recently developed a thermal interrupted restraint system.
Its specially made for energy technics on flat roofs
With thermal greetings

Ronny Broux, March 1, 2012

Great Presentation. I am interested in speaking with you regarding this presentation, and some of the examples which you use within. Please contact me via email.

Angie Tennyson, June 11, 2012

Great presentation. Very comprehensive and self-explanatory. I think this thermal resistance concept is very useful in countries with tropical climate like many Asian countries where it is often sunny throughout the entire year. It pushes out the heat from inside the building and keeps it out. Electronics and furniture will typically last longer with the decreased heat amount trapped inside the building like a home or offices. That includes air-conditioning units and most wooden furniture.

Shawn, January 25, 2013

I agree with Shawn, Electronics and furniture do last longer, especially solid wood furniture, longer than plastic & most metals used in everyday home items. Great presentation btw.

James, February 24, 2015