The Threshold Between Innovation, Design and Research


Nice article, thank you for the report! It looks very clean, bright and well executed. How has the feedback been from the client and end users?

Bob Schaeffner, April 23, 2018

The feedback has been very positive. An interesting side note is that during the design phase, we had to convince both the leadership and user group to utilize fully-glazed doors and glazed partitions throughout the facility to provide the openness and quality of light that matched out concept. When the building inspector walked through the space, he was apparently questioning the amount of glazing used and thought it may be a safety hazard. The users protested saying they needed the openness and visual connections to perform their work. It was great that the trust between the design team and end users had been built early in the project and that they wanted to fight for the design as much as we did!

Jimmy Baer, April 26, 2018