Construction Update: Northeastern University Pedestrian Bridge


As expressed in a conversation between Mr. David Hamel & I, the pedestrian bridge redesign at NU is an incredibly exciting project to me personally. Having both attended & been employed by NU, I would cross the old bridge to campus various times throughout the day from my office on Columbus Ave. Many times alone & more often than not-at night!!! :/ It was dimly lit, awkwardly designed, & felt unsafe to say the least. So on behalf of Husky Nation, I’d like to express our gratitude to Payette for designing a more efficient route to campus, but more so, creating a safer path for women like myself to travel without worry or fear. This may be one of the smaller projects being done at NU, but I assure you it is one that means the most. Awesome Job! -Gina

Gina Doucette, May 23, 2018

Hope the original ARC bridge will be build in due course.
The more the railtracks are covered with green landscape the better

Joel Tiphonnet, July 28, 2018