PAYETTE Receives 2019 AIA Architecture Firm Award


Congratulations to all at Payette and the family present and past!!! To say this is a team effort is an understatement – so much work, by so many people, over so many years. For all involved there is a commitment to the craft and power of architecture and design and how it positively impacts the lives of others. The effort lies in the projects completed and the contributions of talent and time to our profession and multiple communities. I am so excited for you all and so proud! Thank you to the AIA for this honor and recognition! ….and as some have said this not an end, but a beginning to a new chapter…let the inspiration, innovation, and creative energy within each of you thrive! Three Cheers!

Heather Taylor, December 6, 2018

Congratulations to all at Payette on the firm receiving the 2019 AIA Architecture Firm Award!

Kriss Pettersen, December 6, 2018

Congratulations to every team member at Payette! This is a great honor and every one of you should be proud of this accomplishment!
Jenn Schaeffner

Jenn Schaeffner, December 6, 2018