Does Remote Health Monitoring Mean the End of the Exam Room?


I didn’t realize that advances in technology would help increase outpatient care.Do you think the popularity of telemedicine conferencing will continue to increase, or will people prefer to meet face to face? It is always interesting to learn about advances in the medical field. Thanks for this information!

April Cook, May 30, 2016

April, we are certainly seeing more healthcare providers investing in telemedicine, but it is probably a bit too early to say how this trend will play out. As a generation of individuals who are digital natives become drivers in care we will likely see an increase in these types of services. However, we may also see a peak at some point, the same way we have seen a shift in telecommuting and working from home – as more people have worked from home new benefits and disadvantages have become apparent causing some companies to switch their approach to technology in the workplace.

The biggest benefits of telemedicine will certainly be for those people who live remote from healthcare providers, whether in more rural areas or the developing world. For that reason, I do think telemedicine is here to stay. It just remains to be seen whether it will become a ubiquitous service and how it will impact other services and spaces we design for healthcare.

Alison Laas, May 31, 2016