The Challenges of Designing a Minimalist Open Lab


Wondering why you did not take the opportunity to use more of an indirect lighting system? Highlighting the ceiling and the open space? Having designed several lab spaces over my 35 year EE career, I would have insisted on indirect lighting in the overall space, with direct task lighting at the lab benches and we would have been able to not only highlight the ceiling space, but enhance the actual architectural design of the space itself!
I urge you to consider some indirect lighting on your next project, with the new LED type lamps and wonderous things they can do with rope lighting, etc to make the space not only functional, but quite a joy to work in! Thank You for sharing your design, and may you age log and well in the barrel of life my friend.

Jim Sullivan, January 16, 2015

Hi Jim, the ambient lighting design, with linear fixtures recessed into continuous slots, was part of the base building design by Herzog and deMeuron. While a direct-indirect ambient lighting system would have been our typical approach, in this case we felt it was important to stay true to the purity of Herzog and deMeuron’s design vision, part of which meant keeping the upper ceiling volume free of hanging fixtures. I very much appreciate your comment and thanks for reading!

David Huang, January 16, 2015

It is very nice that you consider designing your work place with a nice lighting system that can help make the place brighter and nice to stay.

LED lighting, January 24, 2015