What’s on Your Desk: Rashad Baniabbasi


I find that it’s important to have something on your desk that helps you to relax when you take a break. Especially for me in the removals business, when I’m finally back at my desk, it’s because we’ve completed a big job and have a few minutes to put our feet up! So I hear you about having headphones so that you can have a few minutes of music and quiet to yourself!

Marcio Wilges, October 14, 2015

Rashad – the nimble man behind the lens.
What’s on your desk -good visual question Karen – the visual cue to a person. Some of my favorite pics are people’s desks – but of course there are those who prefer not to have any clues (aka ‘clutter’?) on their desks. And everything inbetween. I have a pic of a 1979 journal on an MD desk pile (taken in 2004). It is a very ‘telling’ story environment. I think dogs, partners and children might be the favorite artifacts (if we oount the screen savers).

paula buick, December 10, 2013