Payette People at ABX: Part II


Attending ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) 2017? This year we are very excited to lead sessions on several different topics including career development and workplace culture. Below are more details on our sessions.

The Middle
There are many resources and networking opportunities for both emerging and senior-level design professionals, however mid-career professionals are often underrepresented within the architectural community. At 8, 10, 12 years into their career, many architects find themselves reflecting upon their experience and reassessing their position. Are they being recognized for their growth potential or pigeon-holed in their efforts? Are they being adequately mentored, and is there a pathway toward the advancement they seek? This time presents a unique set of challenges, leading to a diverse set of potential trajectories. It is a time when a significant number of women leave the architectural community, when both men and women transition into other fields. In the end, this group of professionals is often lacking resources and a structured network of peers at a time when their future is most malleable. Should they continue their growth as an architect? What are alternate career paths available? Can they grow within their current environment or must they venture out to define a different type of work experience? This seminar will discuss a range of common issues, concerns, and opportunities for mid-career design professionals, seeking to find a forum through which they can advance their career.

Wednesday, November 8 | 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Andrea Love, Director of Building Science at Payette
Natasha Espada, Principal at STUDIO ENÉE
Emily Grandstaff-Rice, Senior Associate at Arrowstreet
Kelly Ard Haigh, Partner, Architect at designLAB architects

Remote Design Collaboration: A Cultural Evolution
Technology has caught up with the vision of the virtual office, with the ability to work and collaborate from anywhere, yet this office structure has not been fully embraced within the architecture and engineering professions. Our panel examines the opportunities of remote collaboration by assessing how firms can capitalize on today’s digital workplace to increase creative opportunities, create alternate workflows, and enhance flexibility and equity. The panelists, representing firms of different sizes and backgrounds, share their experiences of setting up cloud-based offices, fostering remote working, and facilitating virtual collaboration. We delve into the business and creative opportunities these structures offer, and how they can be used to achieve a more flexible, equitable practice. We evaluate the impacts of remote collaboration on work flow, workplace culture, and team structures. Specific technological tools, challenges, and best practices around virtual collaboration are examined. We consider the balance between virtual and in-person collaboration and how these needs are best met. Remote working and collaboration offers new opportunities for structuring how we work within the AEC professions. Join us for this interactive conversation to explore these possibilities.

Thursday, November 9 | 8:30AM – 10:00AM

Christina Marsh, Principal at Atelier et Alia
Diana Nicklaus, Principal at Saam Architecture
Chris Ryan, Partner at Supernormal
Dan Gallivan, Director of Information Technology at Payette
Kristian Kloeckl, Associate Professor at Northeastern University (Architecture / Art+Design

Conference Details:
ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX)
Boston Convention an Exhibition Center
November 8-10, 2017  

Register for the conference here.

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  1. Sounds interesting Dan! Great topic to explore and dive into how much ‘remote’ versus sit side by side or face to face impacts time and quality.
    Miss all 3 of those in the top pic – Miep, Kiernan and Bob,,, (Bob is a good tweeter) Best, pb

    paula buick
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