Inclusive Restroom Design, Part 2: Navigating Building Code


Great to see part 2 and eagerly awaiting the next segment about design implications!

Bob Schaeffner, February 26, 2020

Terrific series, thanks for writing these! It’s great to see that the model codes are adapting to the times. One of the advantages is that even if a jurisdiction hasn’t adopted the new code, it can lend additional weight to an application for a modification or variance. If the code is moving in the same direction as the applicant’s design it makes the argument for approval that much stronger.

Bryant Watson, February 26, 2020

While it may be “clear that code trends are moving towards explicitly permitting all-gender facilities for all users in all cases” what is not so clear is if gender specific restrooms for women will continued to be permitted to exist.

Valerie Walsh, May 26, 2023