Getting to Know John Wilson, FAIA


Its always good to read about John. Thanks for bringing him to the front of my mind this morning.

Dennis W Grudkowski, May 29, 2019

RIP Mr. John Wilson, one of my local heroes who did so much for, and gave voice to, so many, and who passed away on TUE, Aug. 13, 2019.

Maria Klein, August 16, 2019

The sadness of John’s passing is in part balanced by my recollections from the years of working along side him under the 25 Cortes Street office roof. It was then that the durable inspiration by his vision for how public sector clients and the disadvantaged people they serve are to benefit from our best design efforts began to be practiced. I wish I could remember more of the wry descriptive humor infused in much of his conversation. My thanks are offered to all who contributed to the praise of John’s focus published in the The Boston Globe, August 20, 2019. My memory of John is a blessing.

Jonathan F Warburg, FAIA, August 21, 2019

John’s Influence was felt far beyond Payette and Boston. He spent the academic year 1970-71 heading up the second year program at the University of Toronto‘s Faculty of Architecture. I was one of two Americans in that class. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a professor who combined John’s extraordinary insight with remarkable gentleness and humor. John was universally admired and liked.

Brian P. Brady, AIA, September 10, 2019

I am sorry to read about John Wilson’s death in August 2019, but so inspired by what I read about the beautiful man who had accomplished so much and who had a heart for the sufferings of humanity. John was the Architect at a small rural hospital in Maine where I worked. I was impressed with his ability to work with the staff in the planning of the hospital bringing together the ideas of a very diversified group. One could never have guessed that he belonged to such a prestigious firm as Payette Associates. He was so humble and so gentle. My belated, but deepest sympathy to his family and his colleagues.

M. Corinne (Dyer) Biehle, May 17, 2020