Car-Free Living


I really enjoyed reading about your conversation, and wish that I had been there to join in! I currently love living car-free in the Back Bay, although I have to say that I am less ambitious than Matt in my comfortable walking radius. As my fiance and I start contemplating the next move in our lives to a much bigger place, living in a place that is walkable is a high priority for me, but one that I am afraid will be somewhat of a challenge given other factors like amount of space to start a family, schools, and what we can afford. Fortunately Boston and many of it’s suburbs are walkable within themselves (unlike many places where I grew up in the suburbs on Long Island), but it sometimes seems that the most walkable a place is the more expensive it is to live there! Matt, I will definitely be checking in with you after you have lived in your new home for more time and how moving out of a city has impacted your care-free lifestyle!

Alison, May 9, 2014

“Some activities that are pretty hard to do without a car:
Hiking, camping, and skiing
Visiting a farm”

Hiking – the 240 bus (out of Ashmont) takes you right to Blue Hills, and you can get to the Middlesex Fells via the Orange Line.

You can go camping on four of the Harbor Islands (although you have to reserve pretty far in advance) or you can take the ferry to P-town and camp there (less “rustic”)

There’s also skiing at Blue Hills, but you might want to bum a ride or take a short cab ride from Readville.

Allandale Farm is accessible by MBTA (bus from Forest hills) or a nice walk from the Arboretum

dk12, May 9, 2014

Great conversation. If you would like to add a walkable destination, the MBTA is resuming
The boat / ferry runs Boston to Hingham on the weekends.
George’s Island is one of the stops. The Shipyard has restaurants, shops including a Bed and Bath (the largest), movies…. A great way to enjoy our outdoors – take the boat to the movies and return on a moonlight night to the city.
When you live in the city or the village (like me) getting out on the Harbour is a great treat ( my commute). It’s not carbon free of course and just a way to expand ‘walkable’ / no car needed zone.
Interesting, funny and thought provoking. Thanks, pb.

NytBookreview , May 21, 2014

I wish, the world should go car free living. Lesser pollution, and peaceful & slow world. There will be consequences but I think, atleast a city should completely go car-free just to prove to the world that it is very possible.

Loren Stejskal, July 30, 2018