Landscape + Architecture = ???


I would not say that landscape and architecture do not go well together, but I think that it is very important to have thought about how to make both work. As an experienced home builder, I would advise our clients to have an overall plan of how they would like to view the place, and from there, work on the details. Building a home is not just about construction, but it is more of a concept and making it work for you – beauty and functionality. I do believe that landscape and architecture should go well together.

Fred, January 31, 2013

You bring an interesting perspective to the conversation, that of the residential builder. I appreciate your comment that it is important to make both work. A home, or school, or hospital that is well placed within its natural environment is always more inviting; however, could lead to extra costs and special considerations during construction. It is important that clients and designers understand all the forces at play.

Cortney Kirk, January 31, 2013