Are Architects Out of Touch?


While I couldnt open your file presentgation I agree with you above opinions but the lay public no matter how informed still will not have the long term and specialist training of the professional architect and fully understand the terminologies used and are mystified by the landmark buildings that the profession use in their interpretation of good design. On the other hand I have been in architectural, projecy management and urban planning practise (specialist health facility design and build) for over 40 years but have found that our profession has an inherant weakness in its assessment of the value of the contributions by architects. Health facilities are considered “”too tec hnical'” and very difficult for the profession to relate too emotionally or intellectually despite the expertise required and one is never considered “avant guarde” or valued and the schools of architecture ignore the contribution preferring their pet architectural professonals. At the same time these health facilities are usually at the forefront of design, science and construction technology and often of huge scale and have certainly developed our construction industry and has put tens of thousands in employment as well as for thousandds of professionals in a vital contribution to the value and success of the professional and construction fields

Stanley Bolnik, January 2, 2012

Have managed to download your excellent presentation and it confims my opinion that there is a disconnect between the public and architects never miind within the profession iteself. Of great amusement was the illustrated comment on the CCTV building as some designer who ran out of ideas an in more than one way relieved him/herself in managing to produce an iconic statement of international standing! The Korean Church extension design especially indicates the disparity between the views and solutions of the professional within the contemporary archietctural scene challenged by the climate change situation and to that of the public opinions. I look forward to studying your presentation in more detail as it is a great contribution to of bridging of this divide. Pity the Boston City Hall got blasted as it is considered a great building of its era. But times certainly have changed.

Stanley Bolnik, January 2, 2012

Nice Post!

Danpal, December 12, 2016

Thanks for post and research. I like it! I think, it’s important, to have a conversation with future users of spaces or make researhes, based on human needs and aesthetic tastes before starting design. Also, we have a lot of opportunities, to visualise our ideas correctly, which are close to reality. So, I think, to protect the gap, we have to communicate more about people needs and wishes.

Nikita Akulenko, October 24, 2021