Brown University
School of Engineering Programming Study

Providence, RI / United States

280,000 GSF

Engineering, Neuroscience, Institute for Brain Science

In late 2012, Payette was engaged to assist Brown University with the programming, site selection and test fit components of the highly interdisciplinary School of Engineering. Anticipated key areas of growth included micro/nanotechnology; biomedical engineering; energy, environment and infrastructure and entrepreneurship. School researchers enjoy close connections with each other, with other university departments and with other groups, such as neighboring hospitals and industry partners. 

Using a variety of information-gathering strategies, the team assessed how existing space is being used, what functional and organizational adjacencies are considered critical and which constraints pose the most significant impediments to change. This effort culminated in a program document that outlines future growth needs in detail and provides a conceptual overview of how the entities represented in the program are envisioned to relate to each other and the university community at large. The team then explored the planning ramifications of accommodating this program in various settings, including sites both on and off the main campus of College Hill. It was determined that, with careful planning and a phased approach, the School of Engineering’s space needs can be met on College Hill for the foreseeable future.

James H. Collins, Jr., FAIA, LEED AP

Peter F. Vieira, AIA, LEED AP
Project Manager