Clemson University
Center of Centers Master Plan

Clemson, SC / United States


130,000 SF / 9 acres

Honors College, Faculty Club, Academic Support Center

This design proposal was the winning scheme in the design competition for the Center of Centers, a new precinct in the heart of Clemson’s campus. The Center of Centers Precinct is located immediately behind the library in the geometric center of the campus and houses six small pavilions for the Humanities, an Honors College, Faculty Club and Academic Support Center. The fundamental concept behind this new precinct is the creation of an orchard of flowering trees. Within the orchard are a glade and 4-5 pavilions set within the trees. The orchard creates a link with Clemson’s agrarian past and the sense of intimacy defined by earlier academic villages. It is intended to become the spiritual center of the campus. The orchard replaces a very formal and open system of walks and paths behind the library, with an informal network of spaces that glue the east and west sides of the campus together with landscape and also downplay the bare modern exterior of the library.

This plan can be executed in phases; however it is complete with the first step, the planting of the orchard, and then adding pavilions with subsequent phases. It is anticipated that Phase I will include the planting of the orchard and the first pavilion, the Academic Support Center.

Leon W. Drachman, AIA, LEED Green Assoc.

Kevin B. Sullivan, FAIA
Design Principal