The Art of the Mock-up

2018 May 22 1 COMMENT

We recently built a full-scale mock-up of an inpatient room to foster an open dialogue with hospital users and to ensure space efficiency for an inpatient building currently under design.

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Dana-Farber Celebrates Opening Cell Manipulation Core Facility

The Cell Manipulation Core Facility is one of the largest facilities in the United States specializing in the research and production of customized cancer treatments.

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There’s a better way to die, and architecture can help

2018 March 20 1 COMMENT

We introduced our firm to architect Alison Killing, a bold architect unafraid to tackle what has become a taboo subject in polite conversation.

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Renovating for the Future

2018 February 28 LEAVE A COMMENT

Planning for the future in healthcare design can save time, resources and disruptions in service.

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One Year Later: Reflecting on “Wendy’s Welcome”

2018 January 2 LEAVE A COMMENT

Associate Principal Stuart Baur shares his experience working on our “You Are Here: Wendy’s Welcome to the ED” video project.

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Payette Awarded Dana-Farber Chestnut Hill Project

2017 November 30 LEAVE A COMMENT

The project will include medical oncology and imaging facilities utilizing approximately 140,000 RSF of the third and fourth floors of the Life Time Center building.

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Designing the XiangYa Fifth Hospital

2017 November 17 LEAVE A COMMENT

Covering a site of almost 30 acres, the Fifth XiangYa Hospital will accommodate over 100,000 patients a day.

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2017 November 9 LEAVE A COMMENT

During a Young Designer’s Core event, Payette’s George Marsh, Jr., discussed the evolution of healthcare design.

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Payette Featured in YAF CONNECTION Magazine

2017 November 2 LEAVE A COMMENT

Read about our recent healthcare pro bono work and why individuals in our firm decided to get involved.

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Modular Design in Small Healthcare Renovations

2017 August 1 LEAVE A COMMENT

We use our ability to make full scale mockups to bring the whole team to the table early in the design process.

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Healthcare & Natural Ventilation

2017 July 18 LEAVE A COMMENT

Architectural Record examines the use of natural ventilation in our XiangYa Hospital project.

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1:1 – Designing with Mock-ups

2017 June 13 LEAVE A COMMENT

To test our patient window box design for the Fifth XiangYa Hospital, we leveraged our fabrication-research lab to construct a full-scale mockup.

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YDC Event: Healthcare 101

Our Young Designer’s Core organized a Healthcare 101 presentation led by Payette’s Director of Healthcare Planning Karen Pottebaum and Senior Associate Milly Baker.

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The Value of Shade in Changsha, China

We conducted a rigorous analysis of several design options to demonstrate the consequences of reducing shade.

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9 Things Every Healthcare Architect Should Know

When designing in a healthcare setting, keep in mind these nine things.

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Wendy’s Welcome in Healthcare Design Magazine

2017 January 13 LEAVE A COMMENT

Wendy’s Welcome video project featured in the Healthcare Design Magazine.

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How Data is Transforming the Design Process

2016 December 14 LEAVE A COMMENT

In this month’s issue of Healthcare Design Magazine, Milly Baker explores the influence of Big Data in architectural design.

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Process Improvement and Lean Techniques

2016 November 22 LEAVE A COMMENT

Members of our core healthcare team discuss design philosophy and current trends in healthcare design.

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