Performance-Based Practice


While our ability to execute high performance buildings was once almost exclusively dependent upon intuition and anecdotal evidence, the tools at our disposal today push us to new levels of precision and discovery. Recognizing this, we created our Building Science Group in 2011. Building Science is the data-driven investigation of building systems, materials, envelope and operational energy usage geared towards optimizing a building’s performance and minimizing its environmental impact. Its end game is never merely a sustainability metric. Instead, we focus on rational decision-making driven by functional and programmatic constraints. Building Science is integral to our design process. We aim to craft beautiful buildings that use natural materials and consume less energy and less water; that have excellent daylight and integrate with nature.
Our Building Science Group works side-by-side with our designers to ensure we are consistently forging new ground on issues of technical performance, sustainability and responsible design. With rigor and precision, we explore design solutions with state-of-the-art tools, such as early-stage energy modeling and 3D prototyping, to challenge our hypotheses and develop solutions that might otherwise be unattainable. Our practice is rooted in problem-solving. There are some challenges in the design process that require deeper inquiry. We believe it is important to take time outside of the project process to delve deeper into such issues to explore solutions that enable future projects to benefit from these in-depth explorations. Our research projects probe the intersection of design and performance.