For the building’s southern exposure, a double-skin façade system was developed to mitigate solar gain and decrease cooling load. Called the skinny twin skin, the relatively shallow system is comprised of separate double and single glazed curtain walls on either side of a naturally ventilated cavity. Motorized solar shading devices, within the cavity, are linked to the building automation system and used to control glare. The interior portion of the system is operable, allowing for access to the cavity for maintenance purposes.

The research building restores and enhances pedestrian connections through the heart of the campus by establishing a turning point, at the entrance to the new combined Library / Humanities Research Building. The main two-story volume of the reading rooms floats above a new Plaza — adjacent to the main quadrangle — and features ramps and “sitting steps” that connect this level to the Podium.

The exterior space on the lower levels of the building extend the public space of the campus walk and lawn through a pair of amphitheaters and a paved Plaza. A café located on the most public corner serves both the building and the general campus population, providing a much needed point of social interaction and intellectual exchange. 

National University of Ireland, Galway
Hardiman Research Building

Galway / Ireland {Republic}


65,000 GSF

Research Library

Located at the heart of the NUIG Campus, the new Hardiman Research Building houses next-generation graduate, post-graduate, and faculty library space dedicated to academic research. NUIG’s vision for the building aspired to facilitate knowledge generation and to foster collaboration in a flexible space dedicated for research. The heart of the building features two “stackless” reading rooms, designed and furnished to enable individual and collaborative scholarship.

The new library faces the historic entrance to the University, along the main park space on campus, and is connected to the existing campus library, the James Hardimann Library, by a new shared lobby, which acts as the new front door for the entire library complex. Situated at this critical location, the new library responds to multiple pedestrian approaches and establishes a new face for the University.

In collaboration with Reddy Architecture and Urbanism
Photography © Warren Jagger

Kevin B. Sullivan, FAIA

Leon W. Drachman, AIA, LEED Green Assoc.
Design Principal

Robert C. Pasersky, AIA
Project Manager


Wesley Schwartz, AIA
Project Architect