• Introducing Payette’s Fabrication Space

    Tweet 2015 Jul 10

    We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our toolkit here at Payette: a satellite fabrication space in Boston’s Seaport District, just a short walk from our office. This space provides the opportunity for us to expand our research and prototyping capacities – a flexible environment that can adapt to evolving design goals and project demands. Recently, our internal ‘architect-as-fabricator’ team used the space to build our installation for the Design for Dining project.

    We augment this practical outlet for our in-house expertise in digital fabrication and building science with a network of local material and specialty service providers. A solid background in standard construction practices helps us to understand potential opportunities to tweak the business-as-usual paradigm.

    Our new fabrication capacities sponsor a feedback-loop between design and construction processes, challenging developing architectural concepts with the rigors of physical production in an immediate and informative way. We use our ability to rapidly iterate large scale mock-ups as both an internal design tool and a means of communicating complex design intent to clients and builders.

    This expanding initiative will allow our project teams to continue exploring form and construction details, interrogating conventional means and methods of production to improve design and enhance architectural performance.

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