Research at Payette

Payette’s practice is problem-solving based. People come to us when faced with difficult challenges that demand innovative, creative solutions. We are committed to leading, rather than following, industry conventions and we think that begins with both empirical and analytical research.

In response, we have created a Research and Development Initiative, orchestrated by our Building Science team. The mission of this research group is to elevate the practice’s expertise by studying how buildings perform and how people use them. Because many of our projects may face similar challenges, we use these research projects to delve deeper into these issues to explore solutions that will benefit all our work going forward. Beyond simply exploring new ideas, this group is also charged with confirming actual performance after the fact to develop a real feedback loop about new methods, technologies and questions of particular relevance to our practice and clients.

Our research addresses both technical and behavioral investigations and takes the form of white papers, funded grants, conference presentations, and independent studies. Importantly, most of our research work is project-independent encouraging us to address, and answer, important questions that are broadly applicable to the practice and industry.

In much the same way our research clients share their scientific achievements in the public sector, we share the results of our work broadly and openly. We believe in a true scientific process and have a responsibility to the profession of Architecture. The open exchange of information ensures an evolutionary spirit in our studio and drives a culture committed to perpetual learning.