Building Science

Building science is the data-driven investigation of building systems, materials, envelope and operational energy usage in order to optimize a building’s performance and minimize its environmental impact.

As stewards of our clients’ resources, and with conviction in our responsibility to lead, we embrace the challenge of delivering the highest-performing buildings for our inherently demanding market sector. While we were previously dependent on intuition and anecdotal evidence in realizing these high-tech buildings, today’s tools and resources allow exciting new levels of discovery and precision. In recognition of this, we have developed an in-house Building Science Group.

Led by Andrea Love, the group’s charge is to use their formal training and ongoing research to bring scientific rigor and empirical data to the design process. With their help, we are able to broaden the nature of our design investigations both within and beyond our studio. In short, it is changing the very nature by which we design.

Our commitment to Building Science is not simply about sustainability. Fundamentally, we believe in true, first-principle thinking that challenges conventional hypotheses and shepherds innovation without preconception. For us the end game is not to successfully negotiate some sustainability metric. Instead, we focus on rational decision-making that is driven by functional and programmatic constraints. Bringing a scientific process to this effort inevitably leads to higher performing buildings that, by definition, embody sustainable design.

Our Building Science Group leads this effort, working side by side with our designers. They are caretakers for our collective intelligence and they ensure we are consistently meeting our obligation to forge new ground in issues of technical performance, sustainability and responsible design.